9 Sleep Aids that actually work!

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There are many different types of Sleep Aid so I’m going to try to break down which one you may need. I am presuming you’ve tried all the Free quick fixes and your still having problems. I am going to use 9 Category’s of sleep Aids that I think will be beneficial to you.

These will be based on what I have personally experienced but also on what other Insomniacs tell me work for them. I am a member of several forums and get lots of information from them. I would advice you to sign up for one or two Sleep Forums as I do believe they are quite helpful most of the time.

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What is a Sleep Aid?

Well, it’s simply any substance or device that aids your sleep. There are quite a few different sorts but I only want to discuss the ones I’m aware might be beneficial to you, whether that be a Snoring Device or an Herbal Remedy.

Why should I try a Sleep Aid?

You may have tried all of the suggestions in our previous posts and still not happy with your Sleep Health. You may be contemplating Sleeping Tables, which I totally understand (I still use them myself when absolutely Necessary) but if we can, we want to get you off that route and onto something a little less invasive and additive, so try some of these Sleep Aids and see what happens before any other stuff.

Should I stop my other Good Sleep Habits once on a Sleep Aid?

No, absolutely not. Maintain your newly found Sleep Hygiene methods, whether that be a Bedtime Routine, Less Alcohol, Less spicy food. I promise you these changes will work, but they might just take a while. Don’t forget it may be that your Sleep has been deteriorating for years and you simply didn’t realise. This is exactly what happened to me. But now I Sleep most nights adequately. I can’t say it’s perfect but it’s a lot better than it was 7 years ago, that’s for sure. Don’t forget, we don’t want you on a Sleep Aid indefinitely, it’s just for the short-term while your body adjusts to the Sleep Hygiene changes you have made.

Ok, let’s get started with 9 Sleep Aids that actually work!

Most of these products are available on Amazon so I have added a link for you to find them where relevant.

1. Bruxism Mouthpiece Aid for Snorer’s & Apnea sufferers


I know how difficult it can be for Snorers or Sleep Apnea sufferers. I used to wake up the street with my loud snoring, but worse, I used to wake myself up & then couldn’t get back to sleep. Have tried all sorts of Snoring Aids, but this is the one I like best. It fits snug in the mouth, doesn’t invade unnecessary and does what it’s supposed to, reduce your snoring-greatly. Check out the great customer reviews from Amazon and price here Some other products are over $180 so this is a bit of a bargain me thinks!


2. Blackout Blinds



One of my big problems was light entering the room at Sunrise, so there I was at 4am trying to hide from the sun under the covers. My curtains were very light and a complete waste of time. Here’s what I did. I bought a Blackout Blind for inside the Window, then a Venetian Blind for outside the window, then a thick pair of curtains for outside them all. It works like a dream. No light gets in and I can wake at 730 am and not know it’s light.

This alleviates the problem in the summer mainly, where you wake up cause it’s light, so then you know what time it is roughly, and this affects your going back to sleep because your worrying about the time. You can review the Venetian blinds and curtains yourself of course but I find these are the best blackout Blinds available from Amazon and great customer reviews and customer service 

3. Earplugs


Another major problem I had to start with was the noise from local traffic or birds or whatever. I was very sensitive to any noise. Think of a Mere cat when it hears the slightest sound and that was me. This solution was quite simple. Small malleable soft foam earplugs that go right in the ear, so when you lie on your side, they don’t hurt your ears. There are many types and many different prices but I find these are just what I need. Great reviews on Amazon also. 

The Ear Buddy Premium Soft Foam Ear Plugs, NRR 32 Decibels

4. New Blue light therapy Glasses



These Ayo Blue Light Wearable Glasses are brilliant apparently. I have ordered some so wait for the review. I have heard very good reports about these but they are around $300. But if they do work, that could be a snip of a price. If you can’t wait for my report check them out here, great reviews so all looks good Check out the current price on Amazon Here 


5. Luna Natural Tablets Sleep Aid


If you are still struggling after the changes, you might need some help with these great herbal tablets from Luna. The customer reviews are outstanding with a very high rating. I have tried these myself and I can confirm they are very effective.

6. Sound & Sleep relaxation Sleep Aid

I am also hearing great things about this little gadget. It creates sounds or white noises that allow you to get to sleep quickly. It alleviates your stress and anxiety by soothing your mind. Can be used in the bedroom or on your travels. Check out the current Amazon price here

7. Sleep mask with Wireless Bluetooth


This is a great idea. Your mask as Wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you could for example, listen to your favourite Sleep Hypnosis download/cd while using your Sleep mask to block out the light. These are great when out and about either travelling or staying in noisy Hotels etc, anywhere really. I have one of these and they really are great. Check out the reviews over 100+

 Check out the reviews and current Amazon price here 


8. Lavender Diffuser Spray & Bluetooth Speaker all in one


If you are struggling and have tried various Aids that didn’t work, you should definitely give this a go. You basically buy the Diffuser Spray and Lavender Oil and set up the oil in the sprayer. This gives out automatic mists of spray by your sleeping area and you benefit from the Lavender or other oils you may want to use. I have successfully used this is the past but Check out the Customer reviews on amazon before you buy. This one incorporates a bluetooth speaker which is a great little bonus and a nice gadget 


9 Magnetic bracelet for pain relief and better sleep



Again, I have had my share of sleep problems connected to pain during my years of Insomnia. I have heard very good reports especially for Arthritic sufferers about these Magnetic products. This one in particular has over 495 customer reviews on Amazon, most of which are excellent. Elegant pure copper magnetic bracelet.

I DO really believe in this sort of treatment for pain as I have seen it work with my own problems, so I would suggest you give one of these bracelets a try. If It works then you have saved an awful lot of pain & money, if it doesn’t then you have lost a little money and nothing else really. Something will work, I truly believe!

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