Airsnore Anti-Snoring Product Review

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AirSnore was and still is my first Anti Snoring device and so I feel happy to recommend it to my visitors and subscribers alike.


If you suffer from snoring or if you are a long-suffering partner of a snorer, you will know that it’s an increasing problem, in as much as it will only get worse as time goes on. There aren’t many natural solutions to the problem and apart from surgery, an anti snoring appliance is the best bet for immediate results.

My partner has already stated she thinks AirSnore is a miracle as she now as a more peaceful sleep without the constant “trumpet noise” (her words not mine) of me. My snoring was so bad I sometimes woke myself up and my partner often woke me up for fear I wasn’t breathing properly during particularly bad episodes.

By using Airsnore I have felt much more refreshed after my nights sleep (for those who don’t know, I have been an Insomniac for many years but much improved now) and I put some of that down to AirSnore.

I highly recommend you try it. Snoring will only get worse and it’s better to do something about it now rather than later. I think you will be very happy with this product that my wife calls “a miracle”

Some of the features of AirSnore are:

● Stops Snoring Instantly
● Comfortable and Easy to Wear
● No Special Fitting Required
● Drug free oil drops for cold/illness induced snoring
● 100% Natural Ingredients
● Combo offers available
● Affordable alternative to many other devices on the market
● 60 Day Guarantee
● Free worldwide shipping


Ok, so how does the AirSnore mouthpiece work?

my AirSnore Mouthpiece

It’s very simple. The AirSnore™ mouthpiece moulds itself to the inside of your mouth, ensuring a comfortable fit that’s just right for you.  Once in place, it moves your jaw a little to open your upper airway. This allows you to breathe more easily while you sleep, and stops you snoring.

Peace at last for anyone around you and a deep and refreshing sleep for you too.

Why Do You Snore and Why Should You Worry About it?

While you sleep, the airways in your throat and nose relax. This can sometimes cause them to narrow, so air travels faster through them. As you breathe in and out, this faster flow of air makes the soft tissues in the back of your mouth, nose and throat vibrate. This is what makes you snore.

About half of all people snore at some point during their lives, and men are twice as likely to snore than women. A recent UK study found that 44% of people find snoring the most annoying bedtime habit in a partner. In fact, over one third of couples report problems in their relationship because of snoring. But your snoring may be more than just a bedtime nuisance for your partner. Snoring can actually have serious, long-term implications for your health.

What are AirSnore Drops?

It’s great having a device that stops you snoring and allows you proper, deep sleep. But what if you can’t get to sleep in the first place? When you’re unwell with a cough, cold, sinus or chest infection, not only are you even more likely to snore, but your blocked airways make it harder to breathe properly and get a decent night’s sleep. And when you’re feeling poorly, the last thing you want is a terrible night’s sleep making you feel even worse.

Sedating medications and sleeping pills may help you get to sleep, but they can make your snoring even worse by relaxing your neck muscles. AirSnore™ Drops contain a special blend of natural oils well known for their soothing, antiseptic properties to help relieve your symptoms and send you to sleep without snoring. By clearing your airways and easing your breathing, AirSnore™ Drops will help you fall asleep much more easily, ensuring you get the snore-free, full night’s sleep you deserve.

Simply rub the AirSnore™ Drops on your chest, neck and under your nostrils in the evening before you go to bed. Insert the AirSnore™ mouthpiece if you have it and you’ll be asleep before you even think about counting sheep.

If you also suffer from blocked nasal passages which in turn increases your snoring I heartily suggest the combo pack with the AirSnore drops included. It obviously costs more but it’s a great addition to your Improved Sleep.

Get your pack here


And don’t forget your money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!