How to fall asleep fast with Exercise and a neat trick you won’t believe!

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How to fall asleep fast has 2 separate issues here.

1. Helping your body to be tired at the right time & 2. What to do when your still awake after bedtime or awake during the night. Let’s explore the first issue. You need to make your body tired to enable sleep. This is easy but not everyone does it.

Get More Exercise

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This is very important! A lot of people no longer do the sort of arduous work of our predecessors did, Mining, Steelwork, Hard Manual labour. Some people I know work in an office environment and only see the light of day for a few minutes between arriving at the place of work and entering the building. And according to what time of year it is, they may leave the building in total darkness. Their dinner time may be spent in the canteen, or even at their desk. So I know it can be difficult to try and get some sunshine. Your body needs sunshine, it gets Vitamin D from it and that creates all sorts of benefits-Increased Immune system-Increased brain capacity-Increased Mood, etc, etc. It also helps boost Melatonin levels which greatly boosts your sleep.

It is especially important to get early morning sunshine, which gives time for the Melatonin to work in your body by night-time.

If you can, go for a 20 minute walk before you set out for work. I know it’s hard to do because you have maybe only just awoke and you may be tired if your sleep struggling, but I made this High priority. Indeed, while I was still at work, I started walking to work. It was 3 miles and took nearly an hour but sometimes this was the only exercise I got that day. Then I had to walk back, but this was sometimes in the dark and not so attractive I must admit. But you have to make some sacrifices if your going to beat this Insomnia problem and this is one you should take if you can.

Failing walking to work, or a walk before work, can you take a quick walk during your lunch break? Even 10 minutes is better than none. You will feel better and I guarantee you will sleep better.

Mind Techniques & Breathing Exercises

There is an option for those people who just cannot get any natural light during the day, and that’s a Lightbox. I have explained more about this in a separate Blog.

Now let’s explore the second issue.

So you’ve done your walking in the daytime. Now you’re in bed but still not asleep. Your asking “how to fall asleep fast” or “I can’t sleep”.

Now unless your ill or on medication that has interrupted your sleep, this should be solved by mind techniques & breathing exercises. But first, you need to dispel all doubts that this can work. I was certainly a non believer back in my problems time, but I cannot believe the difference these techniques have made for me and I firmly believe they will work for you to, you just gotta open your mind to them!

My favourite “how to fall asleep fast” trick is to count backwards in 3’s starting at 300. Because it’s a complicated mathematical problem, your mind concentrates on this and this alone. Once this happens, all other thoughts or worries disappear. it’s a great way of getting to sleep. This is probably best for falling asleep when your already tired. For the Non Maths people, you can simply count backwards from 300 to zero. You won’t get as thorough work out mind wise but some people do prefer this as it doesn’t tax their mind and allows them sleep anyway.

Another trick is a mind trick and a breathing exercise all wrapped up in the same blanket. It’s called the 4-7-8 trick. it’s so simple anyone can do it and it nearly always works. This is how you do it-

You breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds

Then hold your breath for 7 seconds

You then breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds

And repeat!

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That’s it. Whenever I do this exercise, I nearly always fall asleep. Here’s why. When you are stressed or anxious (and not sleeping certainly makes you that), your body reacts by raising your Blood Pressure and your pulse rate as Adrenaline courses through your veins. Your breathing becomes shallower, which in turn raises your anxiety as you feel your heart now pounding. It’s a vicious circle and one that needs calming down fast.

This is what this breathing technique does. As you slowly inhale, you are forcing yourself to take in extra oxygen. Then when you hold your breathe, you create an Oxygen rich reaction in your bloodstream. Then finally, you emit the Carbon Dioxide when you exhale. This chemical reaction is just a wonder of human nature really. It slows down your breathing, reduces your blood pressure and slows your pulse rate, to a state of sleepiness, allowing you to fall asleep.

Of course, the “how to fall asleep fast” technique itn’t not just for sleep. You should also use this when you are stressed or anxious. In fact, I now use this all the time and not once have I felt worse for using it. I suppose it’s a new variant on the old “count to 10” adage that people still say. “Your getting angry, so count to ten”, or “take some deep breaths” it’s all to slow down your breathing and heart rate!

There are other mind techniques that help you fall asleep and of course, it’s each to their own. Another quick one is to imagine yourself in a place of relaxation. Could be a beach with the waves gently lapping at your feet for example. The just breathe along with the waves lapping your feet and relax. Use your breathing technique and your imagination in this example but in practice it’s the same method, reducing your stress, relaxing the mind, and slowing down the heart rate. The perfect combination to a good nights sleep.

I have personally used all of these techniques to varying degrees of success. As stated my personal favourite is the 4-7-8 breathing technique.

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